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Please choose EITHER Bondage/D.I.D. (if the custom requires me tied) or Fetish (if the custom does not require me tied).
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I got my custom last night and was very happy with the clip! I intentionally left lots of the description up to Madalynn because I love Her work so much that I didn't want too much of myself in the clip. As expected, it was wonderful! If you buy customs, and like Madalynn Raye (you must like Her since you are reading this!), I can't recommend Her work highly enough. Kept in touch throughout the process and delivered a high quality product in a very reasonable time. I can't wait for the socks I ordered to arrive since I asked for the same pair used to film the clip >:)
Madalynn Raye is a consummate fetish professional who makes sure that the custom process from start to finish is filled with clear communication and making sure that your original custom idea is executed to the best of her ability. If you have any questions during the process, no matter how simple they could be, she will answer in a quick turnaround and fully answer your query, and she manages to accomplish the custom with excellent quality. Highly recommend purchasing a custom from her because of all these things and more.
Madalynn Raye has completed two customs for me recently. I will have to say without a doubt she is one of the most professional producers out there. I've commissioned so many customs and worked with dozens of producers. The customer service you will receive from Madalynn Raye is top-notch. She is in constant communication with you on your project and knows how to ask the right questions so she can deliver on your custom requests. I can't recommend her enough if you are looking for a custom project.
Madalynn Raye is the friendliest person you can work with to get a custom off. She’s very professional and the entire situation is handled very well. She’s very polite and you feel at ease requesting the video you want off her. You’re not left in the dark on your video either she will keep you well up to date on your video. Anything you request off her will be done to perfect, not a detail will be missed and she’ll add things to make your fantasy come to life in ways you didn’t think it could. Madalynn seems to understand exactly what you’re looking for more than you do. After ordering a custom off her you won’t see a reason to order off anybody else again as she truly follows everything you ask of her and does things that only add to the video that you didn’t already think of.
I’ve commissioned Madalynn four times in the last year. Each time, Madalynn has been able to take these ideas that come into my mind and make these fantasies come to life better than how I pictured it in my head. Madalynn goes above a beyond not only on the product but also reaching out to you as a valued customer every step of the way. It gives me a thrill just to see what was written come to life and Madalynn never disappoints. It’s exciting to see the work she created also be enjoyed by her fans and those who have the same kink I do. If you haven’t considered Madalynn for a custom, please reach out to her! She is a professional and you’ll quickly become a fan after you witness what she can deliver for you!
My first ordered custom video from Madalynn arrived and I must say: I´m very satisfied with the result and have very much joy watching her making my fantasie true. Unfortunately it´s only virtual but anyway a great experience. Perhaps in future I have another idea/fantasie for another custom vid, then I will know who will be the perfect woman to realize it. So if someone´s not shure if he should order a custom video himself... try it!
The very first custom I ever commissioned with anyone was with Madalynn earlier this year. From the comms and updates all the way through to the final product, it was brilliant and extremely professional. My fantasy was handled with care and sensitivity, and brought to life in ways that I didn't even imagine. Now I've just received my second clip and it's even better! If you're dying to see a deeply held desire played out on screen, give it a go. You won't regret it.
Absolute amazing custom from Madalynn! So many shots and perspectives seamlessly edited together, just shows the great production value and all the time and energy Madalynn puts into her work. And by the gods, you're ass was just divine in those red satin panties. A quite unparalleled experience. Absolutely loved it <3
A great process and a great product. If you are thinking about ordering a video, order it! Madalynn is great to work with!
Madalynn is the best in the biz! Continuously putting out great content, and has been for years! Absolute wonderful process laying out details building up to the custom and delivered an amazing product! I’ve personally done business with Madalynn for about 7-8 years, and everything from worn items to custom content, she nails it! Can’t wait for what’s next!
Nick C.
I just downloaded my second custom from Madalynn and it's amazing...and I haven't even watched it yet! I only enough time to click through a handful of video frames, but know she nailed the look and poses I asked of her. Aside from bringing my fantasy to "life," Madalynn is SO amazingly fun to work with. Honestly, half the joy of getting a custom from her is all of the per-production planning. From wardrobe choices, to scrip details, and camera angle decisions, it's so fun to collaborate with her so that she can bring your dream to the screen. I know customs can be intimidating - especially your first one - but it's totally worth working with Madalynn when you crave something specific that you can't find anywhere else.
Over the years (10 I think), Miss Madalynn has given everything to make my custom requests be as close to my giant run on scripts as possible. Compared to others offering similar custom work, she has been the only to nail it each and every time (going on 12 custom orders now). Sooooo purchase a custom from her......no, really do it.....do it....do it
Every custom I've ordered has been on point and exceeded my expectations by far. You won't be disappointed, I can promise you that.