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Satin And Stockings JOI

Home after a long, hard days work and I just want to unwind and slide into my stockings and garter while I'm wearing my red satin bra and panties, and my satin blouse. Nothing makes me feel sexier and powerful than satin and stockings. I'm feeling so sexy, I begin to tease and talk dirty to you; Encouraging you to not be afraid of me and my sexual prowess. I lean in, caress my body and tell you just how to manipulate your member. You eagerly begin and watching you jerk while I guide you to a cum countdown is just what BOTH of us needed after a stressful day.
Satin And Stockings JOI

Saturday June 3
Did You Plan This

Come snuggle in and lets watch this movie. I'm just gonna put my feet up on your lap and... Wait a second, you don't seem too interested in the movie I picked? Well, if you're going to be such a bad boyfriend about it I'm just going to have to punish you; I knew you were going to act like this, so I came prepared.  You see I have my bag of goodies here and I'm going to tie you up and gag you with my big squishy socks! But right when I finish someone comes barging in and hogcuffs and gags me! They must have been watching through the window, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and now we're both helpless and wiggling around on the floor together; You in rope and gagged with my sock, and me in a hogcuff with a bright pink ballgag with a chin strap stuck in my mouth! Soon I notice a cuff key on the floor, the perp must have dropped it and I begin to free myself. I ungag myself, and start wondering what the hell happened? Did you plan this? It was kind of hot, now that the danger is gone, that we were tied up together!
Did You Plan This

Sunday June 4
Itll Be Okay

Coming 06/04/2023

Lets recap our last evening together before you leave for so long. It’s going to be so miserable for the both of us! I’m going to be so fucking horny while you’re gone! I don’t know how I’m going to go without you for so long… But I was thinking maybe that tonight I could convince you to blow your load in me. I know, what if I get pregnant? Well that’s kind of the point silly! By the time you get back, it’ll all be done and over with. How perfect does that sound? Come on, get on top and cum! 9 months later you come home to a very sexy, pregnant and uncomfortable girlfriend. We sit down together, I reveal a HUGE pregnant belly. I begin recapping the events of our time apart, and confess that maybe a few weeks after you left that I picked someone up… It’s probably not his though. We’re in this together! But that’s neither here, nor there. What IS important is tending to my pregnant pussy and making me cum! Let me get on top and ride you till I’m screaming in pleasure and pain!
Itll Be Okay

Monday June 5
Big Blue Bubbles

Coming 06/05/2023

Blowing bubbles as big as I can with this electric blue bubblegum; Watch me pop them on my face and see how big they can get! With Bonus footage of some bubbles that decided to be really good after filming was done.
Big Blue Bubbles

Sockholm Syndrome

Coming 06/05/2023

Thought you could break up with me just because my feet are a little funky, huh? Well that's absolutely not the case! You're here with me and I'm going to subject you to daily sweaty foot and sock smelling accompanied by the sexual gratification that you love most! I'm going reprogram you into only being able to reach peak arousal levels when the smell of feet is involved. I don't know how long it'll take, but I've got all the time in the world, and I've got you right where I want you till then. Break up with me? Yeah, think again, babe!
Sockholm Syndrome

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Deafening Silence

Coming 06/09/2023

What if I just sat here ignoring you, just rubbing my pantyhose legs together to make that noise that makes you throb.. But then I stop; What do you think? That silence between rubs or when I stop the fabric-on-fabric symphony is deafening. How perfectly toned my legs are, who could’ve thought something so innocent could be so sexual? That a mere piece of fabric is capable of enchanting and bringing one to their knees. Do you ever ask for permission, or direction? Or do you just try to navigate pleasure yourself? If you’re willing and able to take direction, you will purchase a pair of my well worn nylons for further tasks. You will take a pair of my nylons and watch all of my videos and will use them as instructed. You need the structure and the guidance only I can provide… Or you can enjoy your silence and solitude.
Deafening Silence

Saturday June 10
College Girl Ziptied And Tickled

Coming 06/10/2023

I think you're in the wrong room? No I won't take off my socks and show you my feet... Oh... Well, I guess I'll do what you say. You want me to come down to the basement with you, too?! I have a test in a few hours that I need to study for! UGH! Fine, whatever! Let's just go and get this over with! Shoes and socks on the floor in front of the blindfolded, tape gagged and ziptied student, she's angrily wiggling about trying to get the bandana off from over her eyes. She bucks, flexes and rolls around until it finally starts to give a little. For added measure, her big toes get ziptied together as well before the REAL fun begins! After she's able to see what's going on, the perp decides it's time to have a little fun with those feet. Feather, brush and fingers all get to caress and tickle those soft wrinkled soles and drive Madalynn into fits of gagged laughter!
College Girl Ziptied And Tickled

Fraud Scheme Gag Scheme

Coming 06/10/2023

I've hired you to help me where my scaredy cat boyfriend won't. I want to take a nice long vacation and I figured we could stage a robbery! I pay the insurance a deductible, get back 5 times that amount and BOOM! We're off to the bahamas! Well, not so fast apparently? I have to act like I'm what now? Gagged??? EW! Oh wait, not fingers in my mouth but cloth in my mouth? Tape over my mouth? Well, I guess that could work and no better time to try it all out than right before we stage this fraud scheme. I try on a few different tape gags, with mouth stuffing and then it begins to dawn on me as the bulge in your pants grows... You're just doing this for your OWN jollies! EW! Well listen here, maybe this collaboration isn't going to work  out after all, but on second thought... 
Fraud Scheme Gag Scheme

Sunday June 11
Mistress Makes You Watch

Coming 06/11/2023

Good, right where I left you. On your hands and knees, afraid of what I have waiting for you... Well, don't fret, it's nothing TOO depraved. I'm going to tease you with my stockings, turn around and begin to show you the array of satin panties I have in my basket. Don't peek up my skirt, I know you would never test your luck like that. Today, I'm going to teach you how to wear a panty gag the RIGHT way. In layers, in wraps, in mouth stuffing fashion. And because you're here to watch, and not touch, I can get as filthy as I would like, even taking the opportunity to strip out of my clothes and vibrate my satin covered clit with my Doxy vibrator until I cum! After I catch my breath and undo the layers of the gag, I tease you with the contents that were stuffed in my mouth, humiliating you further because you'll never be able to please a Goddess like me, only watch on your knees as I peel off my cum soaked panties and put them in your mouth
Mistress Makes You Watch

Monday June 12
So You Like These Slippers

Coming 06/12/2023

I'm going to slowly slide on these leather ballet slippers for you. Right over those meaty wrinkled soles and flex them for you. Squeaking the leather, and letting you get all encompassed by the way it wrinkles uniformly time after time. Trance
So You Like These Slippers

Tuesday June 13
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Keeping You All Night

Coming 06/16/2023

 It's amazing what can happen in such a short amount of time. One minute you're on your way home from work, and heading into your house and the next thing you know you're butt ass naked, bound and at the feet of a beautiful woman in a catsuit. A Seductrix, if you will. She talks to you with a certain tone that an old friend would use, totally unconcerned that you're bound on the floor, and soon she begins to tease you with a very large, very heavy, leather paneled head harness ballgag.  Once she puts the gag on you, the woman calls her boss. You can make out some of the conversation and by the end of it, you realize you're staying the night with your captor.  She tries to figure out what to do with you... Does she plant her pussy in your face and make you lick and suck her all night? Does she fuck you? But then she concludes that vibrating your cock till the cum squirts out over and over again all night is the PERFECT way to send you off to your next destination.  Balls empty, bound and gagged, off to your next "home" where you'll be pegged over and over again.
Keeping You All Night

Saturday June 17
Ultra Girl Crotch Roped And Hogtied

Coming 06/17/2023

Madalynn is making dinner plans when she gets a strange call on the other line. She answers it and is met with an unfamiliar voice threatening the safety of one of her closest people. Springing into action she changes into UltraGirl in a flash and sets off to save the day. Little does she realize it's a trap and she's overtaken swiftly. She comes to and is debooted, and her belt stripped off of her! She struggles and moans as her captor appears and adds a crotchrope to her and then covers her mouth tightly in strips of microfoam tape. Knowing this isn't enough to keep UltraGirl at bay, he hogties her to her protests and is left, alone, to struggle while he and his cronies carry out a devious plot.
Ultra Girl Crotch Roped And Hogtied

Sunday June 18
Sensual Vacation Pantyhose Fantasy

Coming 06/18/2023

Let me take you on an intimate journey, a story for the senses, that you and I are lovers on a vacation and I sensually dominate you after waking up and while I'm wearing a marvelous pair of shiny, sheer tan pantyhose. You can't believe it, that this is really happening and you lap up every moment like it's your last meal.
Sensual Vacation Pantyhose Fantasy

Monday June 19
Enticed By The Older Woman

Coming 06/19/2023

I can't believe I caught you with my flip flops in your room! Now why would they be there, of all places? Hmmm, I think I know what you've been up to, especially because you know who is gone and I'm here all by myself while he's on his business trips.  How's about we have a little fun, just you and I? Show you how to really use my flip flops and what a REAL woman's feet are like!
Enticed By The Older Woman

Tuesday June 20
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Behind The Scenes Plotting Your Demise

Coming 06/23/2023

Black catsuit and bag full of rope and other goodies, I'm on the phone with my cohort talking about all of the sinister things I have up my sleeve. I strut around in my shiny black catsuit, playing with the rope as I go over the ways I would tie my prey. Maybe like this? Maybe like that? Either way I'm in full control! But... I dunno, I'm just not feeling the black catsuit right now. I need something fun to match my mood. I remember I was told that this jute rope bundle held magic powers if used correctly; Let's see what happens. *POOF* It worked! Now I'm in a shiny blue suit, and even my rope has changed to a fun color! NOW things are going to get a lot more interesting with your demise!
Behind The Scenes Plotting Your Demise

Saturday June 24
Sitter Gets Wrapped Up

Coming 06/24/2023

Sitter Madalynn is back in her crisp white canvas keds and she's not happy about her last interaction with you. Tied up... Gagged? NOT AGAIN! But she decides to help you with your homework about ancient egypt. Specifically mummies. You have all of your supplies but that's when it all goes south for Madalynn again. You tag team her and wrap her up... another layer. Gagged and to secure it all in place, duct tape is used to secure her. Stuck, she's left to wiggle on the floor, again!
Sitter Gets Wrapped Up

Sunday June 25
Catburglar Catches A Pantyhose Orgasm

Coming 06/25/2023

After a long night on the prowl, Madalynn comes home and begins to unzip her PVC catsuit, enjoying the way the material slides over her pantyhose and the sound it creates, she decides it's time to catch herself a delicious orgasm and starts moving her hands all over her satin bra and panties and black pantyhose covered self.
Catburglar Catches A Pantyhose Orgasm

Monday June 26
Gagged And Wrapped

Coming 06/26/2023

Decided to try out some gags for you! Ballgag, over the mouth cloth, wrap around and vetwrap around the head. How much fun I'm having talking and drooling all over myself!
Gagged And Wrapped

Tuesday June 27
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All You Have To Do Is Try

Coming 06/30/2023

Let me show you my morning route, when I'm getting ready for work if I don't wear pantyhose, I'll wear these sweet little nylon socks and roll them gentle up my leg to just under my knee. Every morning, I wear nylons. Every morning, I watch who may notice. I love when you notice my nylons! Imagine if we were in the office together and I took off my high heels and propped my coffee colored knee high pantyhose socked feet on the desk. What would you do? I imagine that you'd clear everything off the desk and climb over to bury your face in these soles! I continue to paint a slutty office encounter image in your mind. Pulling you in, gripping you. But maybe, maybe you can take a little souvenir... Take my little stocking and keep it with you. It'll fit perfectly in your pocket and no one will notice. And you can do whatever you want with it, like a good little pantyhose loving slut!
All You Have To Do Is Try

Saturday June 1