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September 2022
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Friday September 2
Pay By The Pound

Dressed in pink with a few tricks up my sleeve; you need these items that I reveal to become the little sissy paypig of our dreams. I'm confident in your humiliation and your participation of these tasks.  Then, because you're nothing but swine, you'll need to get a scale and follow the next set of the directions.  DM to pay your debts, pig!
Pay By The Pound

Saturday September 3
Thats An Absurd Amount Of Rope

Madalynn is told to get out of her clothing in her vacation hotel room. Some asshole has decided to heckle her as her husband is long gone. She's bent over the couch and tied from behind tightly. Wrists, Ankles, Thighs, Above and below the knee. Maddy is practically a stuffed sausage in her hose and rope. The man is sick of her snooty big mouth and gags her with her own panties and microfoams the hell out of her head. She's pissed and struggles to get free. Almost reaching the knots on her thigh rope. He puts her in a chest harness to limit her movement even more, then puts her back bent over the couch to enjoy the view. She kicks her shoes off to see if maybe that won't give her a little leverage in the escape game but it's pointless. The cherry on top, she gets crotch roped and plopped on the couch, and left to struggle and wiggle till housekeeping comes tomorrow to find her!
Thats An Absurd Amount Of Rope

Sunday September 4
Satin Panty Cucked Husband

It should be outlawed to have curves like this and look this fucking good at a wedding. I’m so glad I RSVP’d solo and not take you, hubby. Because it would be SO embarrassing to have you on my arm, even if we put distance between us and all you did was fetch drinks. No, no… But guess what I was able to do while I was there? Something extremely naughty, and I got to sit through the ceremony with a wet pussy knowing how bad I’ve been! My purple satin panties soaked. The nylons with no gusset making it all visible. I’m so turned on and I want to cum again. But you’re inadequate and I need orgasm after orgasm. You’re going to let me tease you for the rest of our lives together. You thought marrying younger was a great idea, until you got old and limp, and I’m now in my prime for captivating all men. Take my pantyhose toes in your mouth while I rub my clit. While you get me prepped for my second orgasm, I’ll tell you a little story about who I got to take into the coat closet before the ceremony began. Reliving that story has me SO WET and ready to cum, and because you’re now my darling cuck, I want you to watch as I use my vibrator, and you will smell my satin panty pussy and suck on my nylon toes. You’re never ever getting my pussy again, you fucking cuck of a husband; All you get is the leftovers, and to suck on the panties that I peel off and shove in your mouth!
Satin Panty Cucked Husband

Monday September 5
Sucker For My Slouch Socks

You decided to come over and visit your girlfriend, Becky, but fancy that! She's not even home. I know you love her dearly, but your little penchant for my slouch socks is really what keeps you coming back for more and more. I've noticed my socks missing from the hamper, I planted them there to see if it really was you! But it's okay our little secret is safe... You and Becky have a bright future together, but I know you NEED that fix that only I can give you. That rush. Your just a sucker for my slouch socks, afterall!
Sucker For My Slouch Socks

Tuesday September 6
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Friday September 9
When Nylons Are Involved

Nude nylons, long legs, dangling a ballet flat with ease; A short dress that creeps higher and higher as I move. You wait with anticipation for me to drop the shoe off of my foot so you can count my perfect toes and worship them. If only you could find something like this in real life. But that’s why you’re here with me, watching me place. The safety. Watch me run my hands all the way up and down, maybe even between my pantyhose legs. Making sure the gusset hugs my pussy perfectly… So they’re scented perfectly for the next pervert who begs and aches to hold them. Let me paint you a pretty fantasy picture and make you exercise patience. Because this is about me, and my pantyhose. The teasing, you love and ache for these pantyhose. Watch me lift my skirt a little bit, flash my ass and gusset and soles at the same time. How it makes you want it, so bad. So fucking bad. Because there is no better orgasm than when nylons are involved.
When Nylons Are Involved

Saturday September 10
Hogtied in Her Shiny Nylons

Long legs covered in nude, shiny sheer-to-waist pantyhose, and sexy blue and black strappy lingerie. I'm brought into place roughly by David, already gagged with a strip of microfoam and wrists tied; He keeps manhandling me as he adds more and more rope to my lithe body. Elbows, chest harness, ankles, legs and then folded up into a nice tight Hogtie and left to wiggle and writhe with my strappy leather heels up in the air.
Hogtied in Her Shiny Nylons

Sunday September 11
Im Going To Give You Your First Fetish

Oh my god I cannot forgot all about the plumber coming and had to bring you to my tiny study apartment. Take a seat while we wait and we can chat a bit while I do something constructive. I'll do my laundry... And no you can't help. I can't have you touching my unmentionables now, can I? No, no not my nylons, my satin panties. But it kinda sucks, as this is just a reminder of my break up. Yeah, he broke up with me last week and these are all of the things I've worn for him. I just don't get it. We were SO good together. I knew everything about him and how to get him into just that right mind frame and he still broke up with me. I'm sorry this is probably too much for you... But like, do you think I'm pretty? Here's a hypothetical scenario for you; How do you answer? See, and he also had a fetish, do you know what that is? Well let me explain it to you. Let me tell you all about how I used to tend to my ex-boyfriend's fetish, he had a thing for pantyhosed feet. A little sweaty, a little scented, and he'd worship them. But what about you? Have you even made it passed 1st base? I see the way you're eyeballing my satin panties and lingerie, you like? What if I create your first real intimate moment with a real woman. I'm going to pick you apart, and leave you a changed man. I'm going to help you explore, I'm going to fuel your first fetish orgasm!
Im Going To Give You Your First Fetish

Monday September 12
Lets Play A Game

You think you're so much stronger than me huh? Little do you know, this little challenge, this little go at the arm wrestling you think you've got won, is my master plan to become stronger than ever.  Every time you exert energy I suck your strength and it builds my muscles and gives me great confidence.  I feel so good I could do some push-ups! Watch as I bang them out one after another. Damn does this feel good! And look, look at you how small, and weak and pathetic. You work so hard day in and day out and all I have to do is suck all that effort out of you, you loser!
Lets Play A Game

Tuesday September 13
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Friday September 16
Arousing You With My Nylons and Slipper Scent

Nylons, pantyhose, stockings, seam lines, reinforced toes… It all drives you mad. It’s not just about the fabric though. It’s about what’s on them. When I come home after a long days work in my high heels and slide on these slippers… Mmmm. My sweaty tangy little foot aroma captured in their fleece. Now you get to find out all about my nylon treasures, my secret scents. It’s all coming together. These sweaty slippers they, get worn every single day. They have a job to do. To capture the scent of my feet so I can hand it off to you for sexual pleasure. They make you weak and hard… they know exactly how to enchant you. So lets play a little game of sniff and stroke and listen to my words as I speak of how deep this fetish is in your being. How it makes you weak, and want more. I tell you about all the ways I get my pantyhose smelling perfectly. High heels, orgasms, slippers. Then I encourage you to begin masturbating. Stroking. Jerking. Stroke harder as I let you smell my feet and slow down when they’re out of reach. This roller coaster of sensation and scent will get you harder and squirting the fattest load you’ve released in a long time
Arousing You With My Nylons and Slipper Scent

Saturday September 17
Spellbound And Gagged

Candles, spell book and a frisky mind bring this video to life!  I'm trying my hand at casting some bondage magic but the spirits have other plans for me! As I try to get through the spell a puff of smoke appears and I'm gagged; This isn't what I had in mind... Let me just try to remove the gag and ... Uh-oh.  I struggling to peel the microfoam off of my face and say the magic words to break the spell. But as I finally get it off and utter half of the incantation *POOF!* I'm gagged again! This time with a tight red ball gag sunk between my teeth. OMG! I swear it's tightening as I try to get it out of my mouth. Once I get the buckle undone I chant again but I'm not quick enough.  *POOF!* I have something in my mouth and red vet wrap wrapped tightly around my head.  I'm struggling and fighting with my gag when I'm able to get the upper hand and get free from it, only to discover my PANTIES are in my mouth! How the hell?! What, WHY?! UGH! Now the spirits are just toying with me! *POOF!* White microfoam wrapped around my head and my mouth is packed again. Oh shoot! How am I going to get this off! *POOF!* And now I've got rope wrapped around my legs and wrists!  This is not the bondage spell I thought I was casting! I guess I'm not a very good witch after all... 
Spellbound And Gagged

Sunday September 18
Breaking You Down

Who knew I'd turn my neighbor into such a drooling, little slut. Always trying to come by when your wife leaves and worship Me. Dealing with my verbal humiliation, putting you up to such risky tasks. You're such a humble little pile, but because your wife is so unkempt, and you've always dreamed of a Goddess like Me, I'll use you to my advantage and drain you in more ways than one.
Breaking You Down

Monday September 19
Slouch Sock Scrunching

Back by popular demand, slouch sock layering a scrunching! Do you like the way I play with these thick, fluffy socks for you? Do you want to see MORE layers?!
Slouch Sock Scrunching

Tuesday September 20
Chit Chat And Burps

Back for a little talk session while I guzzle soda and give you some good bassy burps!
Chit Chat And Burps

An Atypical Roll In The Hay

Madalynn is working in her barn when a man approaches and startles her. No one ever comes around these parts except for people who visit the prison? Soon Madalynn finds out that he's an escapee and ties her up in the stall, she's trying with all of her might to get out of this situation and out of the barn but she's just tied too tight! He comes back and gags her with some panties he found in the house, because he's sick of hearing her bitch and then he decides to have a little fun pulling down her zipper and skootching her pants down as far as they'd go before the rope prohibits them from going any further. The escapee sees that she's still too wiggly and decides to add once last rope to hogtie her, and leave her in the barn while he makes off with her car.
An Atypical Roll In The Hay

Wednesday September 21
Thursday September 22
He Tied Me Too Tight And Cut My Pantyhose

A hotel employee makes a well check on one of the guests due to the frequent activity in and out of his room. Madalynn is sent up to discuss that nothing nefarious is going on and it turns out he participates in one of her biggest fantasies! She convinces him to bind her and her curiosity gets the better of her. She's asking questions as more and more rope gets laid on her and it gets harder and harder to move. All of a sudden things turn for the worse and the man crams a pair of panties in her mouth and cleave gags them in tight! This is not what Madalynn anticipated and she is not happy. The man kicks it up a notch and cuts toes of her pantyhose exposing her cute wrinkled feet! He tickles them and toe ties her, leaving her to struggle on the floor, flexing and stretching her feet in a futile attempt of escape.
He Tied Me Too Tight And Cut My Pantyhose

Friday September 23
Caught Me Caught You

Thought hiring a private eye for this sort of thing would get you your guy, eh? Well, little did you expect that you hiring me brought me right where I needed to be to execute my job. I take the photo of the target and start to think out loud, including you in  the process.  I even tell you exactly how I would tie the mark up... But, uh-oh! Hmmm, now it looks like you're the one that's all tied up! HA! You're tied... I make a phone call and pace around a bit. The squeaking sound of my catsuit, driving you wild with fear and anticipation. Next, I spit in your mouth, nice and slow and gag you with a head harness gag so you have to keep my saliva in there. I bring out more rope and tie you up nice and tight. Tighter than you ever thought possible and here? Here is where you lay. Here is where you stay!
Caught Me Caught You

Saturday September 24
Silk Scarves And Bandana Gag Demo

I tie silk bandanas on my head and neck and begin a little gag show for you with an array of bandanas. Red, purple, green and pink. Cleave gage, knotted cleave gag, over the mouth… I play around with those different ties for each one and display a range of emotions. Flirty, angry and scared. I know how much you enjoy my little shows, listening to my muffled words under these gags!
Silk Scarves And Bandana Gag Demo

Hoodwinked Heist

First filming of "Stash Snatched" custom, but had to refilm it: I come home after running an errand to find my house smelling of toast and when I enter my room, I find you in there. With a butterknife. Am I supposed to be afraid of that? And whoa whoa, wait… A fanny pack?! What sort of knock off burglar are you supposed to be? I cannot take you seriously! You want the combination to safe? Too bad! I’d rather be gagged than give you the combination! You challenge my retort and throw a cloth and packing tape at me and tell me to gag myself. I stuff my cheeks with the white fabric and lay three strips of tape across my face bitching the whole entire time. You tell me to stay where I am while you scope out the rest of the house but I take out my phone and call my roommate who can barely understand me; But I try to bitch through my gag enough to get her to call the authorities or to just come home and help! You come back in the room and find me still bitching through the gag. Finally I’ve had enough and just say screw this! I’m ripping this lame ass gag off and challenging you. Now what are we going to do?! You’re going to what?! The scene fades to me tied and gagged with mouth stuffing and duct tape over my mouth. you’ve left me here for what feels like hours, I'm hungry, I have to pee, and I called my roommate to tell her what is going on so she’ll be here ANY minute! You better let me go and get out of here! You rip off my tape gag and I spit the stuffing out at you. Seriously, I have been tied up and gagged by the worst criminal EVER. EVER! you got into the safe?!?! No! NO! I need my coupons! And my grandmothers recipes! My mama will kick my ass if she finds out I lost grandma’s recipes! Come on! You’re taking my recipes, my coupons, YOU BROKE MY TOASTER?! And what are you doing with my remote, what the hell are you doing?! Put those batteries back in that remote! You’ve heard enough of my bitching so you pack my mouth once again and wrap microfoam around my head. Now I can’t bitch as clearly as before but I’m still furious with you and will NOT give up! I start to get my wrists free and start to untie myself to see what sort of damage you did around here...
Hoodwinked Heist

Sunday September 25
Lunch Break Foot Play

Coming 09/25/2022

You come home for an early lunch and find me snoozing on the couch.  I wake up and we talk about how I should be at the gym and about my new workout pants; My stirrup pants that, as you point out, are apparently see through. Well, seeings as you’re home, I’m not at the gym AND you’re oggling my sweet little feet, how about we have a little fun! Wind your tongue between each of my toes, worship my soles and I’ll flip over and let you continue playing with a nice view of my ass. We’re going to have such a good time when you get home from work. This was just the kind of foot foreplay that I needed!
Lunch Break Foot Play

Monday September 26
Pre Party Poppin

Coming 09/26/2022

I'm so glad you decided to come and help me decorate for the party! These balloons are pretty big, huh? Do you think I can blow my bubblegum bubbles the same size?!  Let's take a little break and see if I can do it!
Pre Party Poppin

Tuesday September 27
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Friday September 30
Pendant Of Power

Coming 09/30/2022

Surprise, surprise! Gaze upon my perfect legs clothed in sheer black nylons and sky high leopard print heels.  I'm going to take a seat and show you the WHOLE outfit. Hose. Spandex. Satin... And whats that around my neck? A key. Usually keys unlock things, right? Give you access. But no, no, not this key. This one is different. This one keeps you locked up and under my control. Meanwhile, I'm free to do whatever and whoever the fuck I want. I wear this key while I go out and hunt for cock. While you sit at home... Locked away. Paying for the privilege of me enjoying myself. I dangle this key in front of your stupid cucky face, rub it over various parts of my body that you absolutely ACHE for but will never be granted access to. 
Pendant Of Power

Saturday September 1