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Saturday June 1
Shiny Bondage Pets Gagged And Bound In Leather

We start the scene with AJ’s mouth being stuffed with a white cloth and sealed in place with purple vet wrap. Her shiny purple leotard and electric sheer gray pantyhose are so sexy! Next, Madalynn is given the same treatment, white cloth and sealed in with vet wrap. She nervously rubs her hands around her thighs and on her glossy nylon covered legs. AJ is turned around and a leather armbinder is placed on her. We get to see her shiny pantyhose hiney and the thong backing wedged between her voluptuous cheeks. Madalynn is up next with a similar leather armbinder. The ladies are quiet but you can tell they are enjoying each step of the bondage process. Now that they are placed together they rub on themselves and on each other! They’re the perfect shiny bondage pets and they’re having such a fun time teasing you with their hot, tight bodies! The exchange leather armbinder butt smacks and leg worship before being moved to the couch and secured with leather ankle straps. The sounds of their leather heels bound tightly together gives a little squeaky sound and the coo at one another through their gags. Next thing you know AJ throws her legs up on Madalynn to rub and then it’s Madalynn’s turn. Despite their bounds, they are eager for you to watch them! The perfect shiny bondage pets!
Shiny Bondage Pets Gagged And Bound In Leather

Sunday June 2
Prove Your Worth And Worship

Back again and couldn’t resist… I gently stroke my strong jaw, my long neck, and speak softly to you. Goddess knows exactly what you want to hear, what makes you crumble, melt and what allows me full control of your entire being. I tease you with my whole entire body, covered in a white crop top, green dress slacks and you catch just a glimpse of my tan pantyhose peeking out from the waist band. My long hair in a high ponytail, and my red lips lulling you, keeps you quivering and wanting more. More structure, more guidance, more permission. That’s what you crave. You crave Me. I offer you a glimpse of my white strappy high heels with my tan pantyhose feet are very noticeable. You’re falling hard. Fast. Pay. Stroke. And go back to your mundane life. But know I will always be right here, till you need your next fix. Repeat. Cycle. Fall harder and harder for Me. Jerk to the safety of the screen, the safety of Me. But I need every slut to earn their orgasm, so continue binging, doting and worshipping Me.
Prove Your Worth And Worship

Monday June 3
Cured With Cock

Stepping into the office with a tight black pencil skirt, black stockings and a bleu satin blouse. Your therapist enters and is ready to start today’s session. You spill the beans and admit that you think you have erectile dysfunction. Madalynn begins to analyze the situation and asks how embarrassing that must be for someone your age. And how your dating/sex life must be hard. She goes into deep detail and scenarios and seems like she might be teasing you about this issue. You begin to shift in your chair uncomfortably as the passive aggressive remarks keep flying. Madalynn establishes where we need to go with this therapy session and asks if you’d like to try a new treatment. She pulls out a pair of handcuffs and shackles from behind the pillow, soothing you that you can trust her if she handcuffs you. Eveyrthing is safe and you’re in good hands. She commends you on your trust, on choosing her instead of going to the Dr for treatment and that she’s concluded that you don’t really have ED! You’re just submissive! She goes on explaining male submission and feminine strengths and shows you the O-ring gag she’s going to gag you with. Because this therapy requires all male patients to have at least one hole open. Madalynn gags you and heads to another room and comes back shortly after with a HUGE bulge under her skirt. She reveals a huge, girthy cock attached to a strap on harness affixed to her hips. She folds the skirt around her waist and reveals the tops of the stockings attached by a garter belt. Madalynn unbuttons her blouse revealing a sexy skimpy lingerie top and pasties; Teasing you with her gorgeous Goddess body and huge dick, she slides it into your mouth and facefucks you! After a few thrusts into your mouth, feeling you swallow it and drool profusely she asks if you’re ready for her to remove the gag and you think you’ll kiss, suck and gag on her dong without a fight. You eagerly agree, like a little cock sucking slut and she removes the gag and slides the strap-on into your mouth and thrusts quickly. Madalynn is so pleased at how you suck big cock she allows you to stroke your dick and cum! Once you’ve ejaculated while having her dick in your mouth, she coos to you that this is the sort of therapy that’s needed weekly, the sort of training a real submissive slut needs. And she can’t wait for you to
Cured With Cock

Tuesday June 4
Wednesday June 5
Moving The Couch

Trying to get the couch centered just right, I'm pushing and pulling my 275lb sleeper sofa back and forth across the carpet.
Moving The Couch

Thursday June 6
Friday June 7
Grovel At Goddesss Pantyhose Feet

You hear the tapping on my high heels, you view the sheer pantyhose legs coming into your field of vision. You’re right where I left you, down on your knees. Waiting. With a high heeled foot right in your face, I start to think. I lean over to my bag and grab a length of rope. I tell you all about how I’m going to tie you up, nice and tight. Big toes tied nice and tight together. Your suffering always amuses me. Then I’ll dangle my high heel right in front of your face and how the scent of my pantyhose foot wafts in your direction. Putting my toes on your lips, and flicking them open and closed. Making you lick and suck my entire nylon covered foot. Then you can have the other foot but not before I put my high heel over your nose and demand that you thank me. You are an absolute slave to your pantyhose Goddess. You are an absolute helpless mess. I stand and tease you with my perfect Goddess body, unbuttoning my satin blouse and showing off my cleavage, putting my feet back in your face. Being at a woman’s perfect pantyhose feet, that is your sex. Now repeat after me… Because you’re all mine.
Grovel At Goddesss Pantyhose Feet

Saturday June 8
Madalynn is Self Tied and Uses The Vibe

Dressed in all black, with white rope around her breasts, a nice tight crotch rope on her shiny, tight black disco pants clad hips and finishing the tie on her legs, she talks to you about how she’s excited to surprise you with a little self bondage show. Completing the tie, she wiggles a little and hides her hands behind her back pretending the part of a damsel while going through sultry and angry expressions. Her glossy red lips smiling and puckering all throughout. She begins to get a little turned on throughout this process and with her free hands, she rubs them all over her sexy body. Madalynn decides to bring the look completely together she needs get gagged. But not any gag will do; She needs her mouth packed and taped! She folds up a wad of cloth and plays the part of a DID that doesn’t want her mouth stuffed, but isn’t successful and packs her cheeks with the fabric. She adds 3 tape strips and pushes her long curly hair out of the way to show it all off. This REALLY turns her on now and he her hands are running all over her body, tweaking her own nipples through her thin revealing tank top. She wiggles and struggles sensually and playfully while in her binds and can’t help herself. Knowing you’ll see this soon, Madalynn wants to put a show on for you! She grabs her vibrator and gag talks about how badly she needs a bondage orgasm and begins to vibrator herself on low. She gets to the floor and changes positions, vibing the crotchrope and teasing herself throughout the adventure, she cranks the volume up one more time and gets exactly what she was craving; An amazing orgasm while bound and gagged!
Madalynn is Self Tied and Uses The Vibe

Sunday June 9
Leather Gloves And Pantyhose Drive Me Crazy

Leather, nylon and sky high heels! I love the way my hands feel running up and down and all over my body. The feeling intensifies with every pass and I unbutton my blouse reveling a satin bra. I hold my neck with the leather gloves and slide out of my skirt. Talking you through my plans, you watch a gloved hand slide into my pantyhose and begin to feel around for that sweet spot. The sound of the two fabrics, my quickening inhales as I get closer and closer.... You're so fucking lucky I decided to let you watch and fall deeper and deeper under my spell
Leather Gloves And Pantyhose Drive Me Crazy

Monday June 10
Ill Cum For The Both Of Us While Youre Denied

One of my favorite pass times is rendering a man’s genitals completely and utterly useless with chastity. Lock it away. Keep it at bay. Goddess Madalynn is dressed in a fine red lace leotard and sheer shiny pantyhose. She kicks her legs up on the couch and reveal long sculpted legs and shiny black patent heels. This cage makes you secondary, Mistress comes first, your spouse comes first, ALL beings of power come before you now. Imprison your penis, and prepare for the first me to make things very, very hard on you. Teasing you with my entirely perfect body and teaching you how to control the swelling of your caged cock. You’ll be struggling for me very soon, and begging for mercy. But you get nothing, you’re unable to stroke or give yourself pleasure. You’re locked. You’re stuck. To make matters worse, I slide on a pair of red leather gloves and tease you with them and then start running them all over my body, touching myself in the naughtiest of ways that make you squirm and pulsate. Your denial is what turns me on totally! This is what I love! I keep stroking my clit through my pantyhose with the leather gloves and demand that you get in even closer between my legs. That you aren’t needed to give a Goddess an orgasm, that you’re merely just a toy to abuse and tease. I put my pantyhose feet on your shoulders as I use both hands on myself. I pull out my vibrator and bring myself to orgasm with ease and you just get to watch, while you dribble precum and will lick it up off of the floor when I tell you to… You’re such a pathetic little chastity slut, but you’re all mine and I own you
Ill Cum For The Both Of Us While Youre Denied

Tuesday June 11
Wednesday June 12
Employee Of The Month Gets Double Dirty Slouch Socks

Back in my office again? Got the news, eh? Did anyone congratulate you on the way in here? Or is it just me that’s going to fully celebrate your successes, once again. You catch me rubbing my knee high leather boots, you peek that thick knit fabric sliding out from the top of the boot and begin to shift. You shut the door behind you and lock it. And as I’m talking I begin to unzip my leather boots and slowly peel one off, while you get down on your hands and knees, and cross your way on the office floor back to me. My dirty, smelly slouch sock is ready for you. But the best part, it’s not just one pair, BUT TWO! I remove the 2nd boot and show you the shadow stained bottoms of the light blue slouch socks. You’re throbbing with anticipation, and rock hard at the sight of these socks! You’re so excited for my dirt knee high socks. But Shhhh, unzip your pants and pull it out; Worship my horridly funky socks and jerk yourself for me! Really earn that title of “employee of the month!” Take my whole socked foot in your mouth while you’re cranking that dick. You’re so fucking gross, and I LOVE it! You work hard, you worship hard, and you stroke even harder.
Employee Of The Month Gets Double Dirty Slouch Socks

Thursday June 13
Friday June 14
Devote Yourself Entirely To Me

Coming 06/14/2024

Listen to the soothing sounds of my voice as I lull you into complete and utter compliance, you watch my beautiful face and sultry eyes and you begin to malfunction. Caught. Devoted. I've got you wrapped around my little finger and right where I want you. My perfection has you entirely. You're obsessed and will do absolutely anything I say; Everything about my face and my voice has you. Spiral, men are meant to be gently led by strong women. How lucky you are to be entirely devoted, especially to me! 
Devote Yourself Entirely To Me

Saturday June 15
Make Me Your Bimbo Bondage Doll

Coming 06/15/2024

Red satin covered big tits, red bimbo lips and dark smokey eyes. I profess I’m ready to be your perfect bondage doll and gag myself with a leather padded bit gag. Showing you from the front and side, and asking if you like what you see. Is this enough? NO! You need more. I NEED MORE! I slide on a pair of bright red come fuck my heels and declare red is the color for sluts. I know you agree and you watch me walk around. I want to tie my ankles now, and proceed to put a long length of white rope around them. Drooling all over the floor. When I stand you get a good peek of my red satin panties and I turn around to show you my ass. I walk, hobbled by the rope in my red stilettos. Is that what you like to see, sir? I put my arms behind my back and bend over so you can check my submissive posture. The drool is flowing out from behind my gag like a leaky faucet. It worries me that you won’t approve, but you allow me to continue making puddles all over the floor. I remove the gag and show you my smeared lipstick and the spit soaked leather gag. You can’t get enough of my red satin lingerie and me devoting myself entire to you. I want gagged, dressed, and tied tightly. I’m all yours! Next scene you have me dressed in a black nylon bodysuit and plan to put me in white rope. But first you have me put those slutty red heels back on. You watch as I gracefully place each foot in and parade my black nylon legs around with them. You order me down onto my knees and I oblige. Down further… further… With my head on the floor and my ass in the air. I show you just how flexible my body is and pose spread legged for you. This slut can’t wait to be tied up so she’s helpless. Tie my slutty legs together tight, so I can’t spread them, tie me up, sir! Tie me up tight! Ankles, below and above the knees, a tight crotchrope and wrists behind the back. You watch me grind on the tight crotchrope and I beg for more rope! More restraint from you! You fit me with a huge red ball gag head harness and watch as I struggle and moan… You can’t understand me but you LOVE hearing me “Mmmmppph!” and groan just for you as I show of the long lines of my black nylon covered body. The finale is you putting a black nylon hood over my head and making me hold myself in a hogtie position till you tell me I can release.. I’m struggling and gag talking. You can hear me suctioning drool from behind that huge gag and love watching it seep through my pantyhose hood. I hope this is exactly what you wanted sir, I wiggle a bit too much and lose a high heels and tell you I love being your bimbo bondage doll!
Make Me Your Bimbo Bondage Doll

Sunday June 16
Bolognese And Bloated Belly Burps

Coming 06/16/2024

I love when you cook for me! I walk in wearing a cropped knit sweater, jeggings and carrying a huge plate of spaghetti Bolognese. I dive in immediately slurping and sucking the deliciously saucy noodles. Absolutely ravenous! I know you love watching me eat and watching my belly get more and more bloated with every bite. My stomach is growling and ready to receive every bite I shovel into my wide open mouth. Chowing down, I break out a few different drinks; pop and Gatorade. Not many burps come out at first, but the fatter and fuller my stomach gets the burps start appearing. Mouthful after full mouthful of noodles and meat sauce get devoured and I have to pull down the waist band of my pants to get comfortable. I pat my belly in satisfaction and a few more belches pop out. I am feeling so full and satisfied! Thank you for cooking for me and always keeping me fed! End of video has some extra burp scenes!
Bolognese And Bloated Belly Burps

Monday June 17
Feast Foreplay With Thin Girlfriend

Coming 06/17/2024

I’m back home to see you after an evening out with some friends. You love seeing me walk over to you in a tight little dress and I begin to tell you about my evening. You stop and ask where the doggy bag is and I confess that I didn’t bring any home because I need your full attention and knew that if I handed you your goodies, you’d be too focused on that. Slightly upset with me, you still listen when I say the words “Foreplay”. I tell you about all of the aphrodisiac foods I had and how every bite of food made me feel like I should be serving them to you! How I should be home feeding you a whole entire cheesecake slice by slice. See, I knew you would love this! And despite all of the food I ate I still have this perfectly flat stomach but when you eat, you get bigger and bigger and that’s what I love about us! I love how meaty you are, and how soft your stomach is. You and me, total opposites, but the perfect pair. After a little suggestion of where this night should go, I lift my dress and show you my flat stomach, and tell you how excited I am to order you a spread of food so we can have a little bit of fun tonight!
Feast Foreplay With Thin Girlfriend

Tuesday June 18
Wednesday June 19
Cummy Condom Treats For Hubby

Coming 06/19/2024

Feet propped up high for my perfect foot slut husband. Waiting, on your knees, for me to come home and let you service my feet. Remember when I used to let you fuck me? But now you just get to wear condoms and fuck my feet. A true husband doesn't get pussy, he just gets to eat his own semen. As I talk dirty to you and get your mind racing about the last time you filled your condoms full of spunk, I pull them out from behind me and show them to you. Wiggling them at your nose, I start to dangle my high heel and you know good and well where this is going. Our little ritual; That youre reduced to just a cum loving beta, stripped of your masculinity, the perfect cum eating husband! I put one condom in-between each toe and wiggle them while you come in closer and you begin to worship my cum filled condom feet. After I feel confident that you've been teased long enough, I dump the contents on each sole and let you clean the cum out of the crevices of my wrinkles. You're the best foot slut, cum lapping hubby! The best in fact, maybe one day I'll share you with my friends? I bet you would LOVE that!
Cummy Condom Treats For Hubby

Thursday June 20
Friday June 21
The Sensations You Seek

Coming 06/21/2024

You see my white leather patent stilletos pacing back and forth, the words start falling from my lips and you know that you’re meant to be here. Be here with me and begin the worshipping process, eyes on me and obey. Relax as my hands glide over my white lace covered breasts and you finally meet my gaze, falling even harder than before for my crimson lips smiling at you and my bright blue-green eyes fixated on your face. I can see how helpless you are and going to wrap you up tightly into sublime submission. Feast your eyes on my sheer shiny panty hose ass, my angelic white leotard and the wrap around skirt making me the divine goddess you were meant to worship. You are all mine. Worship at my feet, my nylon slave, my pantyhose slut! Worshipping Goddess is exactly what you need after a long hard day. Submitting. You watch intently from the floor as I slide on a sheer pair of white gloves and start rubbing them all over my pantyhose legs. You’re entertained by the sound of the fabrics touching each other and you’re ready for me to deliver my perfect pantyhose foot right over your face. You sacrifice everything for me, the nylons and my perfection. More. Give Goddess MORE. Be my number one, mentally, physically and financially.
The Sensations You Seek

Saturday June 22
UltraGirl Discovered And Duped

Coming 06/22/2024

Madalynn gets home after a successful case closed. She was gifted a small bottle from her boss and proceeds to crack it open and indulge, soon after the first sip, her boss calls her virtually and she's talking with him on the laptop but starts to worry because she's not feeling all that great. Things get a little cloudier as she continues to indulge and her Boss breaks the news that he's known the whole time that SHE is UltraGirl. He orders her to strip out of her work clothes and she's struggling to remove the clothes and is left in her superheroine uniform. Not much longer and UltraGirl is down and out on the floor, soon, the Boss's henchmen will be there to collect her.
UltraGirl Discovered And Duped

Sunday June 23
Teeter On The Edge For Me

Coming 06/23/2024

You love the way that little bit of thigh peeks out from between my tight spandex skirt and thigh high leather boots. How the clothes just cling to my perfectly divine feminine silhouette… I bet your hard already? Throbbing. Pulsating. But what comes next? Not you! But we’re going to play together for a little bit and see how long you can last; An edging game. A gentle stroke motion to my big soft tits that are busting out of my blouse. A consistent stroke speed as I bed over and you get a peek of panties from under my skirt. Pull my skirt up higher and higher and whisper all sorts of nasty things in your ear to see just how much you can take. Ass in the air, teasing you. That you’re going to get SO close and you have to be strong and NOT cum… Or else theirs a steep price to pay. Mentally and financially.
Teeter On The Edge For Me

Monday June 24
Youre A Slut For My Old Slippers

Coming 06/24/2024

You've been eyeing these slippers haven't you been? You know just how comfortably worn in and how dirty they are? How much foot sweat is trapped inside? Want to love my slippers a little more? It's okay, I WANT you to obsess over them and all of the potential they hold to turn you and make your cock throb. Let me show you what they look like inside, shine a light in there so you can see the little toe prints! Want to smell them? Yeah, that's it, that's the hardest your cock has ever been and now it's our little secret.
Youre A Slut For My Old Slippers

Tuesday June 25
Wednesday June 26
Post Workout Bubbles

Coming 06/26/2024

After a tough workout, I put a wad of gum in my mouth, chew and blow bubbles to help pass the time while I cool down. Watch how big I can get them!
Post Workout Bubbles

Thursday June 27
Friday June 28
Hot Neighbor Shares And Milks You With Her Friend

Coming 06/28/2024

Madalynn is sitting on the bed with a couple rolls of duct tape waiting for Claire to arrive and tell her all about the good news and the business opportunity she has planned. Claire is intrigued by Madalynn's vagueness but gets all of the hints wrong, not wanting to thoroughly disappoint Claire that their night out depends on a little good luck Madalynn drops the bomb that there is a naked man tied in the closer. Not sure whether to believe her or not, Madalynn cuts straight to the chase and hands Claire a roll of duct tape and encourages her to come see. When Madalynn opens the closet door, Claire is shocked and amused there is indeed a naked man waiting for them. Madalynn goes on to explain that it is her neighbor and she found out that he's got a bit of fetish for duct tape. Both women pull the roll of tape and make that signature duct tape sound watching the poor submissive captive struggle and throb. Madalynn finds he's a little too aroused, and decides to put on noise cancelling headphones and tells Claire to tape blindfold him. The two have their fun, teasing and taunting him, flicking his erect penis. Madalynn then goes on to explain that this body right here, is what is going to be responsible for making them rich. That there is a underground market for cum, and that they're going to milk every last valuable drop of cum out of this guy and cash in on it. Madalynn explains the goal is to get more men, invest in machinery so they don't have to do things the "old fashioned way" and how it'll be the PERFECT cum farm operation. Madalynn tells Claire she's going to go change and asks if she wouldn't mind doing the job of gently stroking the sensory deprived submissive. When Madalynn comes back in a new outfit, she takes the headphones and the blind fold off and once the senses are overloaded, the submissive can't contain himself and blows his load all over to the surprise of both women; This may not have gone according to plan, but there is always next time and more men they can tease and milk!
Hot Neighbor Shares And Milks You With Her Friend

Saturday June 29
UltraGirls Trussed And Tamed

Coming 06/29/2024

We find UltraGirl bound with tight jute rope around her wrists, knees and ankles. Her powerbelt thrown across the room as she struggles to get at the knots in the rope because she’s cinched so tightly. She groans and wiggles in her tight leotard and booty shorts, straining to roll over and retrieve her belt. “Every time I move the rope feels like it’s getting tighter!” she exclaims. After much struggling she finds her way to her powerbelt but as she moves her mouth close to it in an attempt to bite, her hair gets in the way and she has to release it. Her captor finds her struggles amusing and takes it from her! Next, we find UltraGirl up on a high surface, with boots removed and ankles tied tightly and a crotchrope added. The captive heroine is also ballgagged and blindfolded. She feels around the surface and notices it's edges being very cautious of her struggling. UltraGirl has no idea how high she is and wouldn’t be able to save herself without her powebelt! She wiggles in her shiny outfit, opaque pantyhose and scrunches her nylon soles hoping that somewhere a rope loosens and she can gain the upper hand. UltraGirl has been trussed, left tied and drooling all over herself.
UltraGirls Trussed And Tamed

Sunday June 30
Taped Up In Your Boss's Office All Night

Coming 06/30/2024

I am so sorry to have called you at the end of the workday and I wanted to make sure that the entire office was empty so no one overhears this little meeting of ours. I pull a little black journal out of my purse and you tense up… Ah Ha! I knew this was yours… Here, let me read my favorite exert from your journal that I found in the breakroom, near the coffee machine. The very detailed tape bondage fantasy read back to you gets you excited, doesn’t it? But I figured, because you have such a HARD work ethic around here that maybe wouldn’t mind if I held you for some overtime here in my office. I pull out a large silver roll of duct tape and convince you that you’re either fucked, and do what I say, or you can be fired. I KNEW you would see it my way. Now put your arms behind your back and lets get those hands, legs, ankles, chest, and feet taped together so you’re not going anywhere, all night long. I taunt you with each pull of tape, that I know all of your dirty secrets about other office workers you’ve wrote about… Such sensitive information to be out in the open. However, I can’t have you yelling for help after I leave, so I lay 3 long strips from ear to ear. I snap a few pictures and enjoy my handy work but remind you of one more piece from the journal. A confession about a nurse which I REALLY liked. So I pull out a pair of bull nitrile gloves and snap them on and come for your bulge. Rubbing it through your pants while you’re all tape tied to the chair, unable to move. And, to make things even HARDER for you, I decide to put 3 strips of tape over my mouth, the same as yours and continue touching your cock. Once I can see you have that look in your eyes, I grab your journal and read one more passage. Taunting you with gag talk, and begin to pack up for the night… Leaving you to struggle in my office ALL night long.
Taped Up In Your Boss's Office All Night

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